About Jay Hoad

Fijian born didgeridoo and stringed instrument virtuoso Jay Hoad has studied music and performed his original music from a very young age. He has spent the past 10 years following the sun and his inspiration for music performing throughout the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Australia, Bali, Fiji, India, Canada and North America, keeping up a relentless performance schedule and performing at some of the worlds most prestigious music festivals.

Jay began studying music therapy in the USA in 2005 and in 2007 opened “Healing with Harmony” in Maryland, USA, a practice combining massage therapy with live music composed for each client. Jay has since composed and performed his unique style of “earth music” with numerous yoga, massage, meditation and healing groups around the world.

For further information go to www.jayhoad.com

About Pamela Gibson (aka “Yoga Pam”)

Pam is a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher and has completed a Diploma as a Dru Yoga Teacher. She has been teaching yoga throughout Australia over the past 10 years.

Pam offers a unique style of Yoga, combining classic postures of Hatha with the beautiful flowing sequences of Dru. Her teachings invite the student to reconnect with the Heart space and to stay grounded in the energy of Mother Earth.

As well as regular classes, Pam also offers workshops, Down to Earth Wellness retreats, and private therapeutic sessions.

For further information go to www.yogapam.com.au